Facts About Advertising on Door Hangers 2019

The best way to market your product is direct marketing where you don’t need to compete with your competitor and just focus on your consumer. Unlike other marketing ways like email marketing, AdWords marketing, and print media marketing takes a lot of budget and conversion is also very low.

If you are starting a small business with less budget, direct marketing is the best way to market your product. And in direct marketing, the door hanger marketing is at the top of the list as its cost-effective and less time taking strategy.

Average Cost

As compared to social media and Adwords marketing the door hanger advertising is very cost-effective. Specifically, if you are going to start a small business with less budget and team members. Indoor hanger marketing you don’t need to pay by click, ita only one-time cost that you print the cards or flyers and then distribute these cards and flyers to door to door. This approach helps you to take your ad with your consumers for a maximum time.


If you look at the billboard or print media, you need to pay for distribution too that is much expensive and time taking. Indoor hanger marketing you can distribute card up to 1000 doors in one day by yourself, you don’t need to hire a distribution company for this. So if you want to grow your company and reach your audience directly start advertising on door hangers today.

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